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Strengthen your security technology ecosystem with access solutions from Avigilon.

Streamline security with industry-leading access control systems and technology that help you protect your most valuable assets. Secure. Reliable. Future-proof.

Strengthen your security technology ecosystem with Avigilon’s cloud-native access or on-premise access solutions tailored to your needs. They are built to open standards and equipped with robust features to keep organizations of all sizes safe and secure.

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The most effective way to maximize your physical security controls is by limiting and controlling
who can access your commercial premises. Assess and improve your current physical security.

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Access control systems are an important and integral element of security systems to protect property, people and resources. Door access control systems determine who is authorized to enter a property or a restricted area within a property and provide various techniques to manage and control access.

Access control security is used in many different types of building, including campuses, office blocks, commercial buildings, multi-tenant apartment buildings, industrial complexes, condos, gated communities, schools and colleges, airports, stadiums, and government buildings.

Why Access Control Security Is Important
In short, replacing traditional locks and keys with electronic security and access control strengthens security. Traditional locks have many drawbacks, including management challenges, lack of audit trails and the fact that metal keys are easily lost, stolen and copied.

A commercial access control system is important at building entrances, where the system provides convenient access for employees, residents or other occupants, while preventing intruders or unauthorized individuals from entering. Within a building, access security protects areas where entry must be restricted by only allowing users with the right credentials to enter. In an office block, this might apply to server rooms or spaces where confidential data is stored. In a multifamily residential complex, the access security system might limit access to resident-only facilities such as gyms or mail rooms.

A door access control system also provides security teams with important information on all entry activities. This can provide useful evidence in the event of an incident or suspicious activity.

Getting the Best Access Control
System for Your Building

To gain full benefit from security access control, it’s important to plan the solution carefully by assessing vulnerabilities and access requirements throughout the building. A professional security system installer can provide advice and guidance on the most appropriate solution for different areas of the building and prepare detailed installation plans. Security specialists can also recommend integration opportunities to ensure the system forms part of a holistic solution for building security and management.

On-Premise Or Cloud-Based?

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of a cloud-based vs. on-premise access control system before investing in new technology. If you have an on-prem solution, some providers now offer remote capabilities and hybrid cloud deployments to make management more flexible.

Your challenges are complex, but your security shouldn’t be. The Avigilon security suite is built with simplicity in mind, creating an effortless user experience that is intuitive and innovative.

  • Avigilon Alta is their cloud-based security platform that empowers you to control your security from anywhere.
  • Avigilon Unity is their AI-powered on-premise enterprise physical security platform that brings together video security, access control and flexible cloud management under one centralized and scalable solution.
Avigilon Alta: Cloud-Based Access Control

Avigilon Alta: Cloud-Based Access Control
Avigilon’s cloud-native access control system is designed for ultimate flexibility and administrative control. Enhance security at every level with leading mobile access technology and agile cloud software.

  • Manage From Anywhere, On Any Device
    Intuitive cloud-based door access control software for 100% serverless, fully remote management on any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Secure, Reliable Mobile Access Control
    99.9% unlock reliability with patented Triple Unlock access control technology. Supports key cards, fobs, PINs, smart devices, and digital guest passes.
  • Future-Proof Protection
    The proactive system features automatic updates, instant alerts, and an open platform to help you stay ahead of the latest security threats.

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Avigilon Unity: On-Premise Access Control

Avigilon Unity: On-Premise Access Control
Avigilon’s powerful, on-premise access control system offers a flexible and scalable solution with secure and reliable appliances available in physical and virtual instances.

  • Browser-based and mobile-ready management
    Conveniently manage building access control systems while on the go with a web-based control panel or a mobile-ready application.
  • Unified with Avigilon Unity Video software
    Improve situational awareness with video verification of door access control events and alarms, managed in a combined dashboard.
  • Open-field hardware support
    Leverage a breadth of trusted products and solutions from leading manufacturers to uniquely fit your needs and protect your investments.

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Simplify Building Access Control and Management
Avigilon building access control systems make managing any number of users and sites easier with intuitive software and mobile technology.

  • Remote Unlock Capabilities
    Manage access control systems from anywhere, locking or unlocking doors from any web-based device, plus trigger sitewide lockdowns.
  • Comprehensive Credential Support
    Avigilon building access control is compatible with encrypted cards and fobs, in addition to keyless and mobile credentials.
  • 24/7 Access Control Visibility
    Know what’s happening at any location, at any moment with live activity reports, alarm management, and mustering capabilities.

Access Control Products
Avigilon offers a range of complete building access control technologies and products to secure every entry, turnstile, elevator, parking garage, and interior space with state-of-the-art access control.

  • Access Control Readers
    Secure your building with easy-to-install Smart Readers with multi-technology support, built-in video, and intercom capabilities.
  • Controllers, Boards, and Hubs
    Modular access control system components to support any door density and securely make all door access control decisions.
  • Wireless Locks
    Avigilon integrates with the leading wireless lock providers to enable full-building security and visibility on a single dashboard.

Investing in access control techniques can transform the security and convenience of building access and deliver important operational and financial benefits.


  • Cloud-Based Access Control
  • On-Premise Access Security
  • Secure, Reliable, and Mobile Control
  • Issue and Revoke Access Instantly
  • Future-Proof Protection
  • Built to Open Standards


  • Stronger and Targeted security
  • Deters Criminal Entry
  • Protects Your Most Valuable Assets
  • Greater Convenience for Users
  • Improves Visibility

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