Access Control Solutions


Representing an advanced access control system, OnGuard is a feature-rich solution that is well-suited for higher education environments. With OnGuard, administrators can perform a variety of security operations, all through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

control system

Visitor Management

Visitor Management lets administrators monitor visitor activity with detailed audit reporting, historical analysis and real-time report generation during emergencies.

Learning Management Integration

As added security and convenience for higher education applications, OnGuard’s Learning Management solutions are comprised of customer-specialized integrations that create a seamlessly secure campus environment. By providing students with a single card, administrators can grant building access, manage campus meal plans, streamline enrollment processes and monitor financial aid balances and student payrolls. For a reliable, cost-effective option for higher education facilities, OnGuard delivers comprehensive security from a robust and industry-leading system.

Access Control Integration

Open Access Alliance Program

Lenel’s Open Access Alliance Program (OAAP) offers flexibility when developing higher education security solutions. Education professionals can choose from a wide variety of more than 100 OAAP member manufacturers and brands, like those listed below, whose products will integrate seamlessly with an OnGuard security platform.

Wireless locks

  • Assa AbloY and Schlage solutions protect school entrances and assets with a range of wireless locking technologies for a variety of lock types.
  • Visual indicators on locks for easy determination if the door is secure
  • Locks and exit devices are lockable from inside
  • Review detailed audit reports for investigation of theft, vandalism or domestic disturbance Mass Notification.
  • Mobile facilitates clear and critical communications across large populations during emergencies.
  • Mobile and desktop panic buttons show user’s location
  • Trigger lockdown from mobile panic apps
  • Send messages to unregistered users with auto-discovery of mobile device capability
  • Two-way responses from SMS to know who needs help
  • Receive mobile and pop-up alerts from government agencies
  • Issue alerts over Twitter and other social media, as desired locking devices
  • RFID-enabled iPad/tablet lockers make issuing, tracking, and controlling tablets logistically possible on university campuses.
  • Assure students have appropriate tools charged and ready to use.
  • Students use access credentials to check out IT equipment
  • System alert issued if iPad/tablet is not returned on time
  • Assa Abloy offers locker and cabinet locks to improve security of physical assets.
  • Restrict access to confidential records
  • Change student access to cabinets based on course enrollment
  • Improve the security and monitoring of sensitive research and student data within each server cabinet
  • intercom with Video stentofon’s advanced intercom technology provides crisp, clear communication and proactive security notification during critical situations.
  • Combine with campus-wide help points to alert and dispatch security personnel when altercations begin
  • Use in student dorms to prevent individual harm or vandalism
  • Aggression detection automatically alerts authorities to verbal or physical violence, reducing individual harm or property destruction

Key Management

  • Manage entire university vehicle fleet from a central database
  • Prevents keys from being used without proper access
  • Records vehicle maintenance status upon departure and arrival of every vehicle
  • Put keys where they need to be, creating a more efficient staff with 100% accountability