Practical innovations for smarter security

  • Active Directory for OnGuard Integration links Active Directory ac- counts to OnGuard cardholders for in- creased IT policy compliance
  • Security managers can easily configure mappings between OnGuard fields and Active Directory objects
  • Provided tool links Active Directory users to OnGuard cardholders by selecting a common unique value using Lenel’s Initial Active Directory Import Utility
  • Field mapping configurations streamlined – via Active Directory sync tool
  • No development required every time a configuration change is needed to accommodate new fields or business logic
  • Option for new users to be automatically entered as cardholders to OnGuard database as they are added to Active Directory, and assigned access levels based on Active Directory group membership
  • Optional automatic OnGuard cardholder and badge creation/ modification (with revised values) whenever a user is updated in Active Directory
  • Option allows active badges for a cardholder to be deactivated – and set to predetermined user-configured status – when user is disabled/deleted in Active Directory

Customer needs

  • Extend security and compliance of Active Directory data for cross-platform access control
  • Achieve centralized authentication and a single sign-on for Active Directory
  • Enable real-time synchronizations to add/update cardholders when Active Directory changes occur


  • Real-time integration and synchronization
  • Support for all versions of OnGuard and compatible with every OnGuard version of Windows
  • Seamlessly populate OnGuard cardholder and badge information
  • Optional access level management to assign/ remove access level groups based on LDAP group membership; and assign/remove access levels through LDAP multi-value attribute contents
  • Reduces redundant data entry

End Users

  • Companies with existing Active Directory enterprise solutions
  • All OnGuard customers, including those in IT operations, facilities, safety, HR, maintenance, accounting and purchasing

Pain points addressed

  • Increased IT policy adherence – minimizing potential security concerns through complete Active Directory integration and updating for all OnGuard cardholders
  • Minimize typical data sync issues – through supplied tool and streamlined linking via import utility
  • Interoperability between Active Directory and OnGuard databases – via automatic cardholder and badge adds and modifications