• Interlogix’ intrusion solutions integrate seamlessly with access control and video management systems, delivering advanced protection previously available only with expensive enterprise systems. Simple to use and install, these systems offer innovative capabilities ideal for school environments
  • Lockdown areas and perform functions, such as playing recorded instructions over the intercom, with one touch
  • Receive a text or email when an event occurs, letting you quickly address potential problems or review a time-stamped video
  • Know who arms/disarms the system each day
  • Arm or disarm the system from any door, or turn off an alarm when obtaining access


  • Lower utility bills by turning on lighting and HVAC equipment only when presence is detected
  • Receive a text or email when sensors detect a water leak in the lavatory
  • Scale the system across numerous sites so that all systems tie together at one centralized monitoring center
  • Grant temporary access to select staff and visitors with automatic expiration after a set day/time

Intrusion Products SENSORS

  • Interlogix offers one of the industry’s broadest and most sophisticated line of sensors, designed to provide reliable detection of unwanted activity both on school grounds and within buildings and classrooms.
  • Shock detectors are activated when harsh vibrations occur on ceilings, windows or doors and can send alarm notifications during school or non-school hours.
  • Glass break detectors recognize the pattern of breaking glass over a large coverage area to alert you when someone may have entered the premises.
  • Motion sensors are used for detecting motion both inside and outside school facilities, letting you monitor hallways and select high-threat areas such as labs and classrooms. They can be programmed to activate video recording and lights, and to help reduce costly false alarms. During school hours, motion detectors can be used for notification of activity in an area that is considered off-limits. During non-school hours, motion detectors are used to trigger an alarm.
  • Door and window sensors monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows, including closets and cabinets that contain valuable items such as computers and lab equipment. Proper usage of door and window sensors also enables a system review of doors and windows to make sure none have been left open at the end of a school day or before a weekend or holiday break.


In today’s heightened school security environments, remote duress devices are a tremendous resource for optimizing coverage of threat notification and reducing reaction time.

As part of an integrated intrusion platform, both wireless and wired duress devices can be used to notify authorities when an individual or a group is threatened or in an emergency situation.

3040 Hardwired Duress Switch

  • Latching device
  • LED indicators
  • Fits under desks, in closets, at front offices • Silent activation
  • Works with nearly any existing system

4200 Series Multi-Use Wrist Band and Pendant

  • Available in black/white
  • Medical-grade polymer band
  • Water-resistant rating to IP68
  • Easy to clean
  • Wrist and pendant panic configurable Keyfob
  • Electronic key
  • Compact size
  • Ergonomically friendly buttons
  • Semi-waterproof with IP55 rating
  • LED confirms wireless transmissions
  • Open-air range up to 500 feet
  • Typical battery life of 5 years