Lenel Network Video RecorderNetwork Video Recording Software

Network Video Recording Software

Bridge to Your Video Future

The Lenel Network Video Recorder (LNVR) 7.1 provides a shared software technology platform that serves as the foundation for the next generation of Lenel’s advanced video management solutions.

Available as either a benchmarked and optimized hardware-based turnkey solution, or a software-only package for deployment on Commercial O The Shelf (COTS) server hardware, Lenel NVR provides a number of enhancements for Lenel video customers:

  • Reliable storage and instant retrieval
  • New timelapse support for H.264 and MPEG-4 streams • Fully compliant RTP/RTSP client/server implementation • Streaming video performance/stability improvements
  • Proven and updated recorder technology
  • Streamlined camera integration

Quick & Efficient Video Retrieval

  • Supports auto or custom GOV lengths
  • Individual camera retention times
  • Indexed storage to better support remote storage locations • Restructured video index
  • Optimized for MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 devices
  • Event-based recording configurations
  • Dual-path failover/redundant recording
  • Supports inputs/outputs on camera
  • Performance monitoring
  • Password protection

Performance Improvements

  • Support for Windows 8 and 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2
  • Increased camera capacity
  • Supports VMware virtual environments
  • Reduces installation time, unattended installation and upgrades

Feature-rich Lenel NVR provides an array of technology advantages

Lenel NVR

Lenel NVR better supports our customers by increasing focus on video-related features, functionality and technology. By extracting the Lenel NVR code out of OnGuard, Lenel has been able to completely refactor and modernize the code to adopt industry- standard RTP/RTSP transport protocols resulting in significant performance improvements in video storage and retrieval.

Unified Technology Platform

For years, Lenel NVR has operated as the reliable video recording engine for OnGuard customers. Lenel has extended the NVR’s capabilities by creating a shared software technology platform that continues to support the streaming video needs of OnGuard Video Manager and also serves as the foundation for the next generation of Lenel’s advanced video-management solutions.

OnGuard and Prism Integration

Lenel NVR

Seamless integration into OnGuard and Prism remains a key design principle for the Lenel NVR. Investment in Lenel NVR as a core technology platform demonstrates Lenel’s intense strategic focus on growing its video offerings while maintaining best-in- class integrated solutions.

Camera Integration

With Lenel NVR, Lenel continues to increase the number of supported cameras to more than 500 individual models. Lenel continuously publishes new models of compatible cameras, which are available as add-ons from the Lenel website.

The Power of Choice with Lenel NVR

Lenel NVR

Lenel NVR delivers the ultimate in flexibility, empowering customers with the freedom to choose the hardware and software solutions that best suit their unique security environments. Lenel is committed to providing the industry- leading portfolio of video options to our customers, leveraging integration to provide an ecosystem of choice, allowing our customers to better define how they manage, monitor and maintain their video surveillance systems.

Available as software only, or in the following benchmarked turnkey configurations*

*See Lenel NVR7 Technical Specifications for additional information.

DVC-LP Chassis
Low profile chassis for limited rack space and low- to-moderate storage needs

DVC-ST Hybrid Chassis
Standard storage chassis for low-to-moderate storage needs

DVC-EX Chassis
Extended storage chassis for moderate-to-high storage needs

DVC-HD Chassis
High-density storage chassis for high storage needs