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Watchlist Integration for OnGuard

Immediate notification of visitors and cardholders who match customer-specific, federal state, and/or organization watchlists
  • Enables real-time custom-configured searches against established watchlists
  • Flexibility to monitor whitelists (VIPs and others) and blacklists, so different actions can be taken as needed and appropriate
  • User-de ned and pre-con gured search patterns based on customer requirements, federal and/or state mandates
  • Full system search available automatically as cardholders are created, modified, or when badges are presented at any designated reader(s)
  • Automatic alerts when cardholder matches any pre-configured watchlist pattern – alarms sent to alarm monitoring; noti cations to established e-mail recipients

Customer Needs

  • Ability to quickly inform appropriate security personnel and key stakeholders of agged individuals within the access control system
  • Capability to subject individuals to enhanced scrutiny
  • Compliance with state, federal and industry regulations
  • Capacity for exible, active monitoring of blacklists and whitelists End Users
  • Government installations, high-pro le commercial organizations, aviation interests and others

Watchlist Administration

  • Configuration application provides configurable data sources for multiple Watchlist set-ups
  • data can be searched in real-time or down- loaded on scheduled basis


  • Completely con gurable data importing and search patterns
  • Reduces potential errors from manual searches
  • Real-time alerts via OnGuard Alarm Monitoring and e-mail notifications
  • Increased adherence to federal, state and industry regulations
  • Con gurable SSL encryption support
  • Multiple list support
  • Automatic search when cardholders are added, badges created/modi ed, and badges presented at any designated reader(s)
  • Education and childcare facilities
  • All organizations and facilities that need to provide enhanced scrutiny of visitors and staff, and those at greater risk of attempted, unauthorized entry
  • Pain points addressed
  • Risk reduction and management – more tools to protect against agged individuals, enhanced noti cation capabilities for security personnel and key stakeholders
  • More ef cient monitoring and compliance – streamlined ability to detect potential breaches
  • Responsive reporting – information on a watchlist match and an incident-response more readily available and communicated
Specications subject to change without notice.