CCTV There is more to CCTV than just hanging up a few cameras. At LRC Wiresless our strategic placement of security cameras captures every corner of your property and every point of entry so your monitoring view is seamless. LRC has certified CCTV installers and designers that consider all the conditions from fluorescent lighting to high-traffic areas, to insure high-quality video surveillance in every situation. The LRC CCTV team will help you choose the system that will best meet your needs. From reviewing which video storage solution has the features and capabilities you need to specifying the best way for you to monitor your video – mobile phone or desktop computer or both – we offer complete professional CCTV installation services . CCTV is commonly used for a variety of purposes, including:
  • Maintaining perimeter security in mediumto high-security areas and installations.
  • Observing behavior of incarcerated inmates and potentially dangerous patients in medical facilities.
  • Traffic monitoring.
  • Building and grounds security.
  • Obtaining a visual record of activities in situations where it is necessary to maintain proper security or access control.(for example,banks, casinos, or airports).